The One Club shortlist 2022

Call Of Duty Warzone

The conflict between gamers and their non-gaming partners is one many of us can relate to. When your partner is a gamer it can feel like you’re always player two and no one likes competing with a video game for attention. Call of Duty Warzone wants to unite both gamers and their non-gaming partners in an act of Valentine's day goodwill, to prove COD Warzone is nothing to fight about.

AD: Juli Rocha

Always Watching

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a show about the over reaching invasive nature of technology, so we reached into our bag of invasive advertising tricks to give people a real ad experience that matched the tone of the show.

It Follows:

We used paid media to target users with hyper contextual ads throughout their day.

It Watches:

We installed surveillance cameras in high traffic pedestrian areas to automatically airdrop pictures of the crowd to all discoverable devices within range.

It Knows Where You Sleep:

Utilizing a combination of the user’s location data and images pulled from google street view, we delivered a final targeted banner ad.

Every Minute Matters


We all have wasted time in our schedules. What if we used that time for something more productive?

AD: Lauren Meyer


We Started by targeting people where they waste the most time.


Utilizing a simple motion senser, we showed people how much of their life is wasted while waiting.


We revamped the humble banner ad by implementing a timer that starts when the page loads.

Real Estate Done Right


Realtor.com asked us to make dot com cool again. We told them trying to be cool is never cool, and focused instead on real estate done right.

CO-CW: Ted Masterson


We got Realtor.com to apologize for their dated name. The catch? They’re not that sorry. In a space where every company is trying their best to be cool, realtor.com breaks the mold by focusing on what’s important. Doing real estate right.


We’ll highlight how Realtor.com invented the entire online real estate concept by dressing up the modern website to look like the Realtor.com of 1999. How’s this compare to Zillow’s 90’s website? oh thats right, Zillow didn’t exist in the 90’s.


We’ll surprise and delight first time home buyers with this home shopping essentials kit packaged in the only garment that optimizes function over form, the official Realtor.com fanny pack.

Dog People


If you have a dog, you will understand this ad, but in case you’re a cat person, I'll explain. To illustrate that Wag! understands what it means to be a dog person, we used the simple yet universal truth that certain words should not be uttered aloud near one’s dog.

Outlive Your Toothbrush

WooBamboo! Toothbrushes

We'll make a lifesize mermaid statue out of 300 old plastic toothbrushes, and place it at the largest art parade in America, to bring attention to the insanity of manufacturing a disposable product out of a material that takes a thousand years to decompose.

The plaque on the statue reads: You’re supposed to throw out your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, but an average toothbrush takes 1000 years to decompose, all while slowly leaching chemicals into our oceans, our food, and inevitably into our bodies. And, more precisely, the bodies of our great great great grandchildren. Here at Woobamboo we believe it’s time to outlive our toothbrushes. Find out more at woobamboo.com


Call For Help

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Getting out of a violent relationship isn't as easy as just leaving. Victims often feel trapped. Trapped finically, emotionally, and physically. So instead of showing another face with bruises painted on it, we decided to spread awareness by utilizing dead media in the place where everyone feels just a little trapped.